I live outside your delivery area. Is there really no way you can ship an order to me?

Due to the vagaries of international shipping methods, import/export restrictions, and customs, the Fireworks web store is at present unable to handle international shipping. However, in many cases, arrangements can be made to ship to addresses outside our usual delivery area. If you would like to inquire regarding having an order sent outside our regular delivery area, please call +1-206-682-8707.

Can I ship an order to more than one address?

At present, a single order can ship only to a single address (which does not necessarily have to be the same as the billing address). If you wish to ship items to more than one address, you will need to complete a separate order for each recipient.

In your stores I find products that I absolutely love! However, I don't see them on your website. Are they still available?

We are adding more products to our web site on a regular basis. So it is possible that the product you can't find one day will be there the next. If there's a particular product you've seen in our store and think we should offer online, feel free to drop us a line at fireworks@fireworksgallery.net or call toll-free 1-800-505-8882. We'd be happy to have your input.

Many of our products are produced by the artists in small quantities and/or limited runs. Furthermore, the nature of our resale agreement with some artists precludes us from displaying images of their products and/or offering their products for sale online. What this means is that, unfortunately, some of the products available in our stores will never be available online. We will, however, be happy to attempt to accommodate your orders over the phone (toll free, 1-800-505-8882).

Can I customize an item with a different color, pattern, fabric, quote, or other feature?

Many of our artists are more than happy to customize their existing designs on an individual basis, creating for you an item which is not only unusual but uniquely you.

To inquire whether an item may be customized, please call toll free 1-800-505-8882. Please be certain to be as specific as possible when describing the item you wish to purchase. If you know the name, artist, or style number of an item which is very similar to that which you would like, please include this information.

Submission of a special order inquiry represents an inquiry only, and places you under no obligation whatsoever. However, once a customized special order is approved/placed, it is non-returnable.

Phone orders of regularly stocked items which are unavailable through our web store are not considered special orders and are governed by our usual return policies.

I'm an artist and I think my work would be an excellent match for your stores. What is your process for reviewing new artists?

Fireworks is always on the lookout for new and upcoming artists to represent in our galleries. The review process is complicated, but in general, Fireworks looks for practical objects with a playful edge, highlighting in particular the works of artists living and working in the Northwest. States gallery owner and Chief Firecracker Michele Manasee, The medium is not as important as its ability to be functional and entertaining.

Artists interested in having their work represented by Fireworks are invited to submit samples for consideration. Due to the volume of material Fireworks receives, we ask you follow our guidelines for artist submissions.

Do you have any stores outside Washington?

Yes! In Fall 2022, Fireworks opened our first out-of-state location in San Francisco International Airport, Harvey Milk Terminal, in California. Stop by and say Hello! if you're in the area.

We are also always happy to hear from customers in person at any of our greater Seattle area locations, or via email at fireworks@fireworksgallery.net or phone at (toll-free) 1-800-505-8882.

So, you don't sell any actual fireworks?

On occasion, we do offer sparklers.

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