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Little Letters of Good Cheer

Artist: Chronicle Books
Model: 9781452178103
Style: 9781452178103
Price: $9.95
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Keep it short and sweet

These 75 tiny tear-out letters offer an easy and delightful way to spread joy and love. Folded into adorably small envelopes and sealed with the enclosed stickers, they're perfect for attaching to a present, tucking into a stocking, or slipping into a loved one's pocket.

Lea Redmond is the author of the bestselling Letters to My… series. She crafts objects, designs experiences, writes books, and plays with ideas at her studio in Oakland, California.

  • Paperback
  • By Lea Redmond
  • Perforated pages
  • 75pp (letters)
  • 75 sealing stickers
  • 2½″ 1¾″ (assembled)
  • 4½″ × 3½″

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