The Secret Art of Being a Parent

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Tips, tricks, and lifesavers you don't have to learn the hard way

Parenting Tip #1: There's no one right way to be a parent. This entertaining parenting guide is the helpful, bite-size advice you need when you've just had a kid. From a list of what you need in a diaper bag to a loving reminder that sometimes you just need to take time for yourself, these tips and tricks reassure parents that parenting is doable and that they're already doing a great job. Chock-full of all the timesavers and support that new parents need, and with fun illustrations to lighten the mood, this shower go-to gives first-time parents the gift of knowing that, yes, they can do this!

Bridget Watson Payne is a writer, editor, speaker, artist, and proud mom. She lives in San Francisco.

Rachel Harrell is an illustrator and book designer. She lives in San Francisco.

  • Hardcover
  • By Bridget Watson Payne (text); Rachel Harrell (ills.)
  • Full color illustrations
  • 128pp
  • 5¼″ × 7¼″

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