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Flip Note: Croc Black

Model: 2249x6
Style: 2249
Price: $8.50
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You will wonder how you ever lived without the best-selling Flip Note. We have thought of everything on this handy note pad. The blank note pad has a metal case that keeps edges from ruffling and tearing, and a handy retractable pen which holds the protective cover in place. Slide the pen up and the cover flips open. Note pad is perforated—‌no messy tears. Flip Notes are great for purses, backpacks and briefcases—‌to jot notes wherever you are and when only a quick note will do. Pen replacement and pad refills available.

  • Anodized aluminum
  • Incl. ballpoint pen, pad (refills available)
  • Black ink
  • Twist open pen
  • Spring-loaded cover opens when pen removed
  • 50pp
  • 2⅞″ × 4⅜″ × ¼″ (closed)

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