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First Year Mom Box Set

Artist: MUD PIE
Model: 12600088
Style: 12600088
Price: $32.50
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my first year as your mom

There you were, so new and so small
We knew nothing about each other—nothing at all!

But over the weeks, from your smiles and your cries,
I began to understand you and the look in your eyes

I could see when you were curious, happy and content,
I could read your different sounds and know exactly what they meant

Like when you were soothed, or just needed to be held calm
So much we've learned this year—you as my baby and I as your mom.

Let's remember the milestones and record them right here,
Keep the sweet memories close of our very first year.

Washed wooden keepsake box with stamped metal sentiment plate features sliding lid with printed poem about mom and baby's sweet first year together. Arrives with 52 paper cards to record weekly milestone thoughts and memories.

  • Wood, metal, paper
  • Sliding lid
  • 52 weekly cards
  • 6¾″ × 5¾″ × 2½″

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