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Unique Unicorn Strawberry Scented Erasers

Artist: International Arrivals
Model: X/112-082x18
Style: 112-082
Price: $14.50
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Discover a cuteness overload with Unique Unicorns scented pencil erasers. This set of 5 strawberry scented erasers come with 4 colorful unicorns and one really large rainbow eraser. Now you can erase pencil made mistakes with a the magical scent of sweet strawberries.

As unique as any eraser these fun unicorn erasers are waiting to help you erase your pencils mistakes. Great for school and work, the Unique Unicorn scented erasers are your new friends for any papers or pencil drawings that need just a bit (or a lot) or correcting. There's 4 unicorn erasers in the set and for papers that need big time erasing you can count on one giant rainbow eraser.

  • Rubber
  • Ages 6+
  • Strawberry scented
  • 4 unicorns + large rainbow
  • ⅞″ × 1¼″ × ¾&Prim (unicorns)
  • 4¼″ × 2¼″ × ⅜″ (rainbow)

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