Let's Make Ramen!


Item # 9780399581991

A Comic Book Cookbook

A comic book cookbook with accessible ramen recipes for the home cook, including simple weeknight bowls, weekend project stocks, homemade noodles, and an array of delicious accompaniments, with insights and tips from notable ramen luminaries.

Playful and instructive, this hybrid cookbook/graphic novel introduces the history of ramen and provides more than 40 recipes for everything you need to make the perfect bowl at home including tares, broths, noodles, and toppings. Authors Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan present colorful, humorous, and easy-to-follow comics that fully illustrate the necessary steps and ingredients for delicious homemade ramen. Along the way, they share preparation shortcuts that make weeknight ramen a reality; provide meaty tidbits on Japanese culinary traditions; and feature words of wisdom, personal anecdotes, and cultural insights from eminent ramen figures such as chef Ivan Orkin and Ramen Adventures' Brian MacDuckston. Recipes include broths like Shio, Shoyu, Miso, and Tonkotsu, components such as Onsen Eggs, Chashu, and Menma, and offshoots like Mazemen, Tsukemen, and Yakisoba. Ideal for beginners, seasoned cooks, and armchair chefs alike, this comic book cookbook is an accessible, fun, and inviting introduction to one of Japan's most popular and iconic dishes.

  • Paperback
  • By Hugh Amano
  • Illus. by Sarah Becan
  • Full color illus.
  • 192pp
  • 7.125×10in.

Hugh Amano was born in a tiny Colorado mountain town to an American mother and Japanese father. His devotion to exploring food and culture has taken him around the world, enriching him as a chef and writer. A graduate of The University of CFolorado and New England Culinary Institute, Amano was the opening sous chef of Chicago's exploration of Macanese cuisine, Fat Rice, and co-authored The Adventures of Fat Rice. He is a chef and writer in Chicago, where the familiar comforts of ram

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