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Piperoid: Guyzer and Bean

Model: X/PPRD-GZBNx6
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Rock star and his only fan: Leader of the hard rock band, Guyzer & Hell Brothers, anyone who's heard his music loves his tunes hands down—‌or so he dreams. Currently he's looking for additional members in his band, as his apprentice Bean is his only fan at this time.

PIPEROID is a paper craft kit designed and produced in Japan. The figures are made out of just paper pipes with pre-drilled holes and marks to cut, fold, and connect the pipes without the need of glue or tape. All you need is a pair of scissors, and with minimal assembly you can bring your own PIPEROID to life!

Remember the days when you made paper crafts as a kid? Piperoid brings back all the same excitement to us at the same time stimulating your creativity buried deep inside. When was the last time you made paper crafts that you can brag about? Many components of PIPEROID can either move or be swapped with other PIPEROID's body parts. Expand your imagination and make your own original PIPEROID!

  • Paper
  • Ages 10+
  • Recyclable
  • Envelope incl.
  • 2¾″ × 11¼″ (pkg)

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