America Is Immigrants

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America Is Immigrants

A gorgeously illustrated collection featuring inspiring immigrants from every country in the world, celebrating the incredible range of what it means to be an American.

This dazzling volume brings American immigrant stories to life in short biographies written by award-winning writer Sara Nović, with charming full-color illustrations by Alison Kolesar. At a time when public debate is focused on who belongs in America, this book honors the crucial contributions of our friends and neighbors who have chosen to make this country their home.

Featured within are war heroes and fashion designers, Supreme Court justices and pop stars, athletes and civil rights leaders, as well as:

  • the doctors who saved Ronald Reagan's life
  • the creators of iconic American products like Levi's, Chevy cars and trucks, and Nathan's Famous hot dogs
  • the scientists who contributed to the Manhattan Project
  • the architects behind landmarks of the American skyline like the World Financial Center in New York City, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and the Sears Tower in Chicago
  • Plus these familiar names from every walk of life:
    • Madeleine Albright
    • Isabel Allende
    • Mario Andretti
    • Desi Arnaz
    • Isaac Asimov
    • George Balanchine
    • Sergey Brin
    • Gisele Bündchen
    • Willem de Kooning
    • Oscar de la Renta
    • Marlene Dietrich
    • Albert Einstein
    • Alfred Hitchcock
    • Arianna Huffington
    • Enrique Iglesias
    • Iman
    • Grace Jones
    • Henry Kissinger
    • Mila Kunis
    • Hedy Lamarr
    • Yo-Yo Ma
    • Miriam Makeba
    • Pedro Martínez
    • Joni Mitchell
    • Sidney Poitier
    • Wolfgang Puck
    • Rihanna
    • Knute Rockne
    • M. Night Shyamalan
    • Gene Simmons
    • Nikola Tesla
    • The von Trapps
    • Elie Wiesel
    • Anna Wintour

Sara Nović is an assistant professor of creative writing at Stockton University and the fiction editor for Blunderbuss Magazine. She holds an MFA from Columbia University, where she studied fiction and literary translation. Her first novel, Girl at War, won the American Library Association's Alex Award, and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

  • Hardcover
  • By Sara Nović
  • Illus. by Alison Kolesar
  • Full color illus.
  • 304pp
  • 5″ × 7⅛″

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