The Belly Sticker Book

Artist: Workman Publishing
Model: 9781946064998
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You can't log on to Facebook or Instagram without seeing photos of babies wearing adorable belly stickers to celebrate significant milestones (like One month old! and My first word!) and sets are popping up in stores everywhere.

Now comes the very first book of belly stickers—‌a great way to capture and share all of your baby's firsts, from important holidays and milestones to month-by-month anniversaries and just-for-fun moments. Simply peel off the sticker that celebrates your baby's milestone and stick it to your baby's chest. Then snap an adorable photo and post online for everyone to ooh and aah over.

Includes 48 belly stickers. Use the hashtags #bellystickers and #bellystickerbook for extra sharing!

Margie and Jimbo's Illustration Studio is the workspace of a girl named Jillian who loves fun color combinations and enjoys sweets a bit too much. Jillian, who named her studio after her parents, illustrates images that make her smile, patterns that catch her eye, and ideas that excite her. She currently enjoys life in central Illinois with her husband, David; sweet daughter, Bee; and dogs, Charlie and Zuzu.

  • Paperback
  • Illustrated by Margie & Jimbo
  • Full color illustrations
  • 48 stickers
  • 96pp
  • 6″ × 6″

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