Being Pregnant is Like…

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Being Pregnant is Like Having Company for Nine Months And 174 Other Laughs (Because You'll Need Them) for the Mom to Be: From the moment you hear you're going to be a mother, you'll enter into a brand new world that you never imagined. Your daily tasks will be consumed with complex engineering (trying to figure out how to buckle your child's car seat), counseling (healing emotional stress caused by endless boo-boos), learning a foreign language (Braxton-Hicks, teething ring, nasal aspirator, and onesie, just to name a few), and nighttime navigating (Do you remember what 3 a.m. looks like? If not, you will!)

This humorous look at the journey through motherhood will keep you laughing and crying at the greatest adventure you'll ever take.

Gene Perret has written comedy since the early 1960s, collecting three Emmys and one Writer's Guild award in that time. Gene wrote or produced many of television's iconic shows, including Laugh-In, The Carol Burnett Show, and Three's Company. Gene also worked with Bob Hope from 1968 until the comic's retirement in the mid '90s.

Linda Perret began writing comedy over twenty years ago. She has written for many comedians, including Phyllis Diller, Wendy Liebman, and Terry Factor. Linda was also a staff writer on Bob Hope's 90th Birthday Show on NBC.

Adam Eastburn is an up-and-coming artist from California. By day, he is a graphic and motion designer; by night, an illustrator and animator. Adam and his wife, Denise, enjoy travel and James Bond flicks.

  • Paperback
  • By Gene Perret & Linda Perret
  • Illustrated by Adam Eastburn
  • Color illustrations
  • 184pp
  • 6″ × 6″

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