Prosecco Drinking Games

Artist: Ryland Peters Small
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Pick a game, pour some bubbles, and get the party started!

Get the party started with this awesome collection of Prosecco-themed games to play with friends.

What could be better than getting the girls together, grabbing a glass, and cracking open a bottle of bubbles? Why, throwing a few Prosecco-based drinking games into the mix, of course!

There are over 25 games that use everyone's favorite sparkly tipple—‌ranging from hilarious BeyoncĂ© Bingo to the organized chaos that is the Prosecco Olympics. So what are you waiting for? Choose your game, pop a cork, and prepare to laugh. A lot!

Abbie Cammidge is a writer, relationship expert, columnist and TV presenter, who writes on women's and men's interests, parenting and lifestyle for various titles including More!, Stylist, Forever Sport, and Mother and Baby, and has presented on shows for GMTV, T4, and Disney. She is based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

  • Hardcover
  • By Abbie Cammidge
  • Full color illustrations
  • 64pp
  • 5⅛″ × 7⅝″

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