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Illustrated Histories of Everyday Expressions

Artist: Simon & Schuster
Model: 9781732512603
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Discover the True Stories Behind the English Language's 64 Most Popular Sayings

With 100+ full-page illustrations, The Illustrated Histories of Everyday Expressions introduces readers to the fascinating, humorous, and often unbelievable origin stories behind the English language's most common sayings!

Why do we bring home the bacon, instead of some other salty meat? Whose beans are we spilling, exactly? Why was that cat in the bag to begin with? Every day, English speaking people turn phrase after phrase, idiom after idiom, with no actual idea what they are saying! Sure, the meaning of these expressions has long been established, but rarely do we stop to think about where they come from. The Illustrated Histories of Everyday Expressions will profile 64 of the greatest idiom origin stories through simple text and captivating illustration. No longer will you wonder why getting a goat is so frustrating, or why hatters are so mad (and no, that one doesn't come from Alice in Wonderland)! With The Illustrated Histories of Everyday Expressions, everyday phrases come to life!

Inside this charming little hardcover volume, the illustrated idioms will be arranged chronologically, with the oldest expressions appearing first, working all the way up to the present day. Each entry will provide the saying's definition and origin story, laid out cohesively within a funny and captivating illustration of the strange and wonderful long-forgotten story.

James McGuire is a writer, editor, and inveterate word hound. When he is not collecting idioms and obscure words, you can find him mastering his mini golf game or taking long walks with his beloved Newfoundland pup, Brumus. He Lives in St. Louis, Missouri, where you might say his home is his castle.

  • Hardcover
  • By James McGuire (text); Alex Kalomeris (ills.)
  • Illustrated
  • Purchase supports a tree in the Rocky Mountain National Park
  • 144pp
  • 6¼″ × 8¼″

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