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Seattle Walk Report

Artist: Random House/Knopf
Model: X/9781632172617
Style: 9781632172617
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An Illustrated Walking Tour through 23 Seattle Neighborhoods

Instagram sensation Seattle Walk Report uses her distinctive comic style and eagle eye to illustrate the charming and quirky people, places, and things that define Seattle's neighborhoods.

Leveraging the growing popularity of Seattle Walk Report on Instagram, this charming book features comic book-style illustrations that celebrate the distinctive and odd people, places, and things that define Seattle's neighborhoods. The book goes deep into the urban jungle, exploring 24 popular Seattle neighborhoods, pulling out history, notable landmarks, and curiosities that make each area so distinctive. Entirely hand-drawn and lettered, Seattle Walk Report will be peppered with fun, slightly interactive elements throughout which make for an engaging armchair read, in addition to a fun way to explore the city's iconic, diverse, hipster, historic, and grand neighborhoods.

  • Hard cover
  • By Susanna Ryan
  • Illus.
  • 176pp
  • 5¾″ × 7¾″

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