Wheedle on the Needle

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From Seattle-born Stephen Cosgrove, author of more than 300 children's books (and more than 25 books for young adults) comes the heart warming tale of Wheedle, a giant, fuzzy orange creature native to what is now Seattle. For many years, Wheedle enjoyed the silence and solitude of the Pacific Northwest, until men came along to live and build, assaulting Wheedle's delicate hearing with noise, noise, noise. Follow Wheedle's search for quiet and his interactions with the Seattle newcomers, and learn the truth behind the blinking red light atop the Space Needle. Illustrated by current Snohomish resident Robin James, illustrator of over 75 children's books, this story has been delighting Seattleites and non-Seattleites for over 30 years. Hardcover; 32 pages with full color illustrations; measures approximately 11¼″ × 9″.

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