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Go F*ck, I Mean, Find Yourself.

Artist: Simon & Schuster
Model: 9781507208595
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The Wisdom You Need to Get Off Your Ass and Create Your Best Self.

Every day is a new day; an opportunity to be in the moment and to be the best versions of ourselves. We are all powerful beings with a purpose, and we all have the power to change and grow. Go F*ck, I Mean, Find Yourself. gives you the push you need to build the universe you wish to inhabit and become the person you want to be.

Let this book be your new daily motivation tool, with its optimistic notes, reminders, affirmations, and suggestions that promote peace, love, health, wealth, wisdom, and knowledge. Additionally, Go F*ck, I Mean, Find Yourself. also serves as a journal, with spaces for you to reflect on your own journey, as well as opportunities to bring friends together in unifying collaboration. A perfect gift or a conversation-starter, this strikingly designed book challenges you to always choose positivity—‌are you ready?

Glenn Lutz is an American author, conceptual artist, and poet, born to a Haitian mother and German father. His writings are centered on exploring the mind, and his work takes on an honest examination of relationships among identity, race, spirituality, mental health, and human nature. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

  • Hardcover
  • By Glenn Lutz
  • 160pp
  • 5¾″ × 6½″

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