Baseball Card Vandals

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Over 200 Decent Jokes on Worthless Cards!

Based on the eponymous website and Instagram account, Baseball Card Vandals combines oddball humor with nostalgic collectibles in these extraordinarily and cleverly defaced baseball cards. Created by brothers Beau and Bryan Abbott, this is a captivatingly absurd collection featuring 200 baseball cards that have been doodled on to the extreme, including fan favorites, the bestselling cards, and never-before-seen artwork. With a short introduction about the history and process of creating the cards and a design reminiscent of classic baseball cards, this book is a home run!

Beau Abbott is a copywriter and Bryan Abbott is an art director. They both live in Culver City, California.

  • Jacketed paperback
  • By Beau Abbott, Bryan Abbott
  • Full color photos
  • 221pp
  • 5⅛″ × 7″

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