The Book of Building Fires

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How to Master the Art of the Perfect Fire

Here's the perfect companion for sitting by a fireplace, wood stove, or campsite in the great outdoors. Straightforward directions and how-to illustrations provide instructions on building a roaring fire with confidence, skill, and efficiency—‌a fire that people will gather around in admiration. Filled with more than 60 entries on fire making, these pages include advice on sourcing the proper wood, chopping and storing, building and lighting the ideal stack, and cooking over an open flame. With a textured spine imitating a matchbook striking pad, this handsome book is a wonderful housewarming gift and a must-have for anyone who enjoys life's simple pleasures.

S. Coulthard is an author of design and outdoor living books and a farmer in the north of England.

Claire McCracken is an illustrator based in Los Angeles.

  • Hardcover
  • By S. Coulthard (text); Claire McCracken (ills.)
  • Illustrated
  • 160pp
  • 5″ × 8¼″

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