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ABC Animals!: A Scanimation Picture Book

Artist: Workman Publishing
Model: 9780761177821
Style: 9780761177821
Price: $16.95
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The timeless appeal of alphabet books meets the richest Scanimation book ever. ABC Animals is a romping, stomping journey from A to Z, and all the animals come alive—‌as many as four to a page—‌in the excitement of Scanimation. It's the alphabet as it's never been seen before: Watch the Alligator snap, the Bats swooping, the Camel trot. There's L for the Lion proudly prowling along, and M for the Mouse scurrying inside his wheel. And it all culminates in the largest Scanimation image yet: Z, for Zoo, where all the animals gather to play.

Rufus Butler Seder is an optical genius whose first significant invention was Lifetiles, glass-walled murals that appear to come to life when the viewer walks by. He's installed them at the Smithsonian, SeaWorld, Union Station, and other museums, aquariums, train stations, and ocean liners around the world. Next came Scanimation, and his company EyeThink, Inc., a business that produces a line of toys and gifts using technologies he's invented. Mr. Seder lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Hardcover
  • By Rufus Butler Seder
  • Scanimotion image pages
  • 16pp
  • 8¼″ × 8¼″

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