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Father to Son, Rev. Ed.

Artist: Workman Publishing
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Life Lessons on Raising a Boy

Warm and fuzzy, anchored in values, and filled with simple words of wisdom, this beloved, bestselling book for parents speaks to the important business of raising sons, and distills their timeless lessons into one nugget of wisdom per pageā€”some lighthearted, some serious, some practical, and some intangible, and all supported by a strong moral backbone.

Freshly updated, the book begins with the Five Keys of Parenting, a guide to navigating the extraordinary, even if sometimes exasperating, journey of parenthood. It's filled with the importance of nurturing responsibility: Teach him that the world will judge him by his actions, not his intentions. Fun stuff: Have tea with him in the afternoons. Serve cookies. And when he's ready to go: Hug him fiercely.

Harry H. Harrison Jr. is a parenting expert and author of 1,001 Things It Means to Be a Dad and other 1,001 Things books from Thomas Nelson. For many years, he operated his own award-winning creative consultancy firm, Harrison Creative Directions.

  • Paperback
  • By Harry H. Harrison, Jr.
  • Color
  • 324pp
  • 4″ × 5¾″

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