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Mary Wears What She Wants

Artist: Harper Collins/Scholastic
Model: X/9780062846792
Style: 9780062846792
Price: $17.99
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From the award-winning creator of My Dad Used to Be So Cool and Tough Guys Have Feelings Too comes a charming picture book inspired by the true story of Mary Edwards Walker, a trailblazing 19th-century doctor who was arrested many times for wearing pants.

Once upon a time (but not that long ago), girls only wore dresses. And only boys wore pants.

Until one day, a young girl named Mary had an idea: She would wear whatever she wanted. And she wanted to wear pants!

This bold, original picture book encourages readers to think for themselves while gently challenging gender and societal norms.

  • Hardcover
  • By Keith Negley
  • Color illustrations
  • 48pp
  • 10¾″ × 9¼″

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