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Squishable Mini - Fox

Artist: Squishable.com
Model: X/101355
Style: 716293
Price: $22.50
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Yes, I think we're all in agreement that a Fox is the best thing that could ever happen, right next to finding alien life on another planet and frozen Snickers bars. And following that logic, the smaller the Fox gets, the more concentrated it's awesome will become! At a mere half of its former volume the fox will implode into an adorable black hole of cuteness, attracting other cute things in its vicinity. Like you (you cute thing you)!

So if you suddenly find yourself snuggling this pint-sized little brother to our giant Squishable Fox, blame that cuddle on the miracle of physics! Squishables are adorable stuffed animals in sphere form! They're unbelievably soft, freakishly cuddly and cuter than a basket of kittens and puppies. Mini Squishables are 7 inches tall and made of new polyester fiber. For ages 3 years and older. They rock!

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