Stumbling Blocks Drinking Game

Artist: Two's Company
Model: X/51812x6
Style: 51812
Price: $22.50
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A classic game with an exciting twist! This adult version calls for serious strategy, a steady hand, and smooth shots.

Stack it up and drink it down: One player builds the tower on a flat, sturdy surface. The object of the game is to remove one block at a time from the tower, turn the block over, follow the instructions, and then stack it on top without making the tower fall. Set includes 30 block printed with challenges that are sure to liven up your party! Use a permanent marker to write in custom challenges on the blank blocks. Also included are 4 shot glasses for some of the challenges, and because alcohol!

  • Wood, glass
  • 4 shot glasses
  • 30 printed blocks
  • 30 blank blocks
  • 1¾″ × 1½″ ∅ (glasses)
  • 2¾″ × ⅞″ × ⅜″ (blocks)
  • 6⅝″ × 8″ ×2⅞″ (pkg)

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