Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Artist: Accoutrements
Model: X/12364x12
Style: 1264
Price: $8.50
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Your cat pretends to be standoffish and cool, but slip this Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats on top of kitty's cranium and he'll reveal the fun-loving feline that you know he hides beneath his scowl. The horn uses a four-point elastic strap system to hold it comfortably on Mr. Purrbelly's noggin and you get an instant unicorn cat. Cats think it's cool, especially when they get to wear it in front of other cats. Why have just a regular cat when you could have a caticorn? It's not at all even a little bit humiliating. Be careful—‌some people report that it has turned their cat into a jerk. Other people are saying that their cat is more like a narwhal than a unicorn.

  • Vinyl, elastic
  • 5½″ × 1⅜″ ∅

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