For Those Who Want to Fly

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Featuring soft acrylic brush strokes, this collection of beautiful illustrations and thoughtful text depict an adorable, newly born bird going through life stages. Short and simple but full of profound thoughts, this resource pairs art and advice such as the image of the young bird falling down and breaking open its shell with Falling down can help us free ourselves from the superfluous and the portrayal of the baby fowl attempting to use a grown bird's discarded feathers to fly with Borrowing someone else's equipment won't improve your own abilities. Without being a doctrine on how to live life, this tiny gift book offers sincere and touching guidelines for both the young and the young at heart.

Pierkko Vainio was born in Finland and studied at the Acadamy of Art in Helsinki. She now lives in Florence where she works as a writer, illustrator and graphic designer. Her style is characterized by soft illustrations in aquarelle paint. She has received international praises, among which Finiish Pciture Book Award and Prix Octogonale Graphic in Frankfurt.

  • Hardcover
  • By Pirkko Vainio
  • Full color illustrations
  • 50 pp
  • 6¼″ × 7¾″

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