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Stikball and Strike-Zone Target

Artist: Hog Wild
Model: 53401x12
Style: 53401
Price: $14.50
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Splats and sticks to any flat surface! Wind up and throw the Stikball against any flat surface—‌like walls, doors, and the included Strike Zone Target! When Stikball hits a flat surface, it splats and sticks! Safely throw against walls, doors and Strike Zone Target!

Stikball has sticky outer surface with a moldable core. Splats and sticks to most flat surfaces! Mount Strike Zone Target to any flat surface. Make your best pitch and see where it sticks!

  • 2 stikballs
  • Ages 5+
  • Safe for indoors
  • 20″ × 24″ strike zone target
  • 2¾″ ∅ (stikballs)

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