Affirmators! Tarot Deck

Artist: Knock Knock
Model: X/12324x6
Style: 12324
Price: $26.50
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They've expanded the hit Affirmators! offerings into the realm of daily tarot! Your belief in magic (or magick) is not a pre-requisite for taking a spin with tarot card reading. Pull a random card and reflect on its message, or challenge yourself to read a more complex spread. Either way, you'll get a good dose of age-old wisdom that you don't have to be an age-old sage to interpret. Viva illumination!

If card games and positive affirmations had a spirituality-seeking love child, it'd be the Affirmators! Tarot Deck Wiser than friends. Cheaper than therapy. More logical than an obsessive thought spiral.

It's… Self-Help without the Self-Helpy-Ness!™

  • Cardstock
  • By Suzi Barrett
  • Full color ills. by Vikki Chu
  • 48pp instructions incl.
  • Storage case
  • 78 cards
  • 3¾″ × &5⅜″ × 1¼″ (pkg)

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