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Donald 2020 Talking Pen

Artist: Playvisions
Model: 006801x12
Style: 006801
Price: $14.50
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New for 2020! When you play this hilarious Donald Trump Talking Pen for friends and family, you'll be the center of attention. Just like Donald! Simply press down on his famous hair and he'll tell you exactly how to make America great again!

This highly collectible Donald Trump Talking Pen features a beautifully sculpted head that captures The Donald in all his glory. The pen says ten different lines in Trump's real voice:

  • The Collusion Delusion is over.
  • America will never be a socialist country.
  • China has totoal respect for Donald Trump's very, very large brain.
  • You hurst our vets? You stole from us? You're fired! You're fired! Get out.
  • Oh, Don, you're a little controversial, you're talking about illegal immigration. I said, It's illegal!
  • China, China, China.
  • We live by two simple rules: Buy American and Hire American.
  • I think I'm doing a great job. I would give myself an A+. Is that enough? Can I go higher than that?
  • Simply put, walls work and walls save lives.
  • And, yes, together we will make America great again!

Each pen comes with replaceable batteries included, which means the laughs will continue long after Trump's inauguration. You'll be blown away by the state-of-the-art sound quality of this pen!

  • Plastic, electronic
  • Blue-black ballpoint ink
  • 10 sayings in Donald Trump's voice
  • 3 × AG13/LR44 batteries (incl., replaceable)
  • 6½″ × 1¼″ × 1⅝″

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